Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am in Denial

I had to go out and buy some new storage bins for my stuff. Not just regular stuff. Art and Craft stuff. Unfortunately, the bins are getting larger and larger. Pretty soon, I will be buried under an avalanche of clear Rubbermaid Storage Bins.

Yesterday's excursion dealt with paper scraps. I have two large (kitchen sized) trash cans next to my paper cutter. One trash can is for paper and card stock remnants and the other is for binder board/Davey board cutoffs. When the trash can becomes full, I dump out the contents and separate them into usable pieces and pieces to throw away.

The rule for the Davey board is 1" wide. Anything less that 1" wide gets thrown away. The rest goes into a storage bin for later use. For paper and card stock, the rule is 9 square inches (3 x 3 or its equivalent). Anything smaller gets thrown away. I could actually used small pieces but I had to draw the line somewhere. The pieces that I keep are then stored in separate bins--one for paper and one for card stock.

The problem is that the scraps are multiplying on their own. They keep growing and growing and pretty soon they will be taking over the studio. If for some reason I haven't posted a blog entry within a week's time, send in the cavalry because the paper and card stock tribes have taken over.

I started with a small shoe box (6 qt). I then moved them to a sweater box (16 qt). Yesterday, I had to go out and buy the tote sized box (35 qt). The only size left is the large tote with wheels (135 qt). If they reach that level, they will have to start paying partial rent.

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