Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, What to Do Response

Several people have asked me what I decided to do about people and their last minute requests for products after I forewarned them that orders would be closed on November 30.

For two of my clients, I convinced them that they could do a Happy New Year card instead. The biggest problem was that both of them wanted Hanukkak cards which place an even greater deadline.

The other client was told that I would do her order (and was charged double as was suggested by someone else) but her order would be placed last on the priority list. I am in the process of simplifying her card design so that we can send out the cards in time for domestic Christmas delivery. For this client, I am personalizing and mailing the cards for her so this makes it easier for me to process her order.

I am still taking single card orders as we speak for those people who want a handmade card that is different from cards that can be bought at the store. I will have all orders finished by Friday and I have one more craft fair to do on Sunday and I will be done for this holiday season.

For the craft fair on Sunday, I have enough inventory that I don't have to make anything new. I am afraid that I will have some leftover product that I will probably have to carry over until next year. Not an ideal situation but something that I can live with.

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