Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, What to Do?

For those people that know me, I am all about deadlines. I have created deadlines all of my life because I tend to overextend myself and it is the easiest way for me to stay focused and organized. Having deadlines doesn’t mean that I still don’t procrastinate or that I am not up late at night before a project is due. Sometimes, I don’t get a creative impetus until I know that something is due.

Because I use deadlines, I am tethered to my calendar and its electronic versions. I am always syncing my Treo with my laptop, office desktop and home desktop. I have even put automatic reminders in my calendar to remind me to eat breakfast and lunch.

This holiday season, I have scheduled out most of my weeks so that I can meet all of my commitments to my clients, my office and craft fairs. Because of the overwhelming number of holiday orders, I had to stop taking orders on November 30. I sent out reminders to everyone on two separate occasions: the first week of November and just before Thanksgiving. I explained that even though many people weren’t thinking about Christmas yet I needed to gauge interest in handmade items for the holidays so I could allocate my time.

Well, unfortunately, several previous clients did not heed to my call. Now, they are crying for help and last minute requests. Oh, what to do!


fingerstothebone said...

What an opportunity! Charge them double!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Ohhh.... the charge em double advice sounds good. Would love to hear what you decide to do.