Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Projects

As I have mentioned previously, I have been extremely busy preparing for my clients and the craft shows. Because of this, I have been lax in my blogging responsibilities. This year is my busiest year yet due to my returning clients and new clients that I have added through my various endeavors. Here are two examples of the items that I am selling at the current craft fairs: New York City postcards and gift tags.

I had always seen gift tags for Christmas but never had seen them for Hanukkah. I figured if there was an ideal number of pieces to a set it would have to be a Hanukkah set (sets of eight). The Christmas tags are in sets of ten.

The New York City postcards are a series of NYC landmarks that I am developing. I love the juxtaposition of graphics over text and this is my first attempt of mixing the two. The next series will be a solid image over an opaque text of New York City.

I have always struggled with pricing my items and it still haunts me. I am told that I always underprice my items and that I don't include the cost of my labor when I consider pricing items. I always have to keep in mind my price point especially when I start selling to brick and mortar stores. Right now, I am selling the Hanukkah gift tags for $7, the Christmas gift tags for $8, and the postcards for $2 each or 5 for $8.

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Diane said...

I am so happy that I got that card from you thru Postcrossing!
I love it!!
Thanks again!
Your work is great!!!
Lot's of greetings from little Luxemburg