Monday, December 22, 2008

2009 Year of the Ox

On January 1 in Japan, postmen deliver stacks of specially postmarked, beautiful postcards with greetings for the new year. They are called 'nengajo' in Japanese and families spend lots of creative energy to make or purchase postcards that reflect their style. Japan Post even sells preprinted nengajo with special lottery stamps! For those of you who own a Print Gocco, one of the original purposes of the PG was for families to print their own nengajo.

Here is my design for this year. I used 140 lb Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. I then pasted the Japanese tissue on one side. I then Gocco-ed "Year of the Ox" in dark purple (from the tube). After drying, I superimposed the ox/buffalo/bull outline in dark blue (from the tube).

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Liz said...

Love this design, and thank you for the background to the New Year cards in Japan...