Thursday, October 16, 2008

When it rains, it pours!

I just can’t seem to get situated. I am trying to prepare for my trip to Japan (which is this Saturday). Usually by this time, I have already prepared my list of things to pack, the list of addresses to send postcards, a list of tasks that need to be accomplished before I leave, and a list of the lists that I need to make.

As I posted earlier, on this past Sunday, I decided to relocate my craft space/studio from one room to another room in my apartment. Also competing for my time is a set of cards that I have been making for my friend who is in hospital after having brain surgery.

As I was trying to get a handle of these things, one of my clients who ordered Christmas cards suddenly wants to see the mock up of the card so she can decide how many cards to order. On top of this, I got three new orders for journals on my online store.

And on top of this, two of my friends asked me to make them a “quick card” that they need on Friday. Have you ever noticed how people want a “quick” something at the last minute? I guess the quick part is the quickness of the asking as opposed to the quickness of the manufacturing. I told them—if they wanted quick that they could go to the store. They begged and of course, I acquiesced.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I have a full time day job—the one that is sending me to Japan?

At the end of the day: I postponed the meeting with the Christmas card client by telling her that I was going away and that I would be able to accommodate any number of cards that she would order (last year she ordered 50 and this might be as many at 100); I contacted the buyers of the journals and told them that I would send out their product during the first week of November (which was fine because two gifts were for Christmas and one was for a late November birthday); I made a “Welcome Home” card for my friend in the hospital because he is going home tomorrow; Will make the quick cards tonight and force my friends to come and pick them up; and will type of the lists as soon as I finish typing this blog entry.

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fingerstothebone said...

I forgot that you were about to leave for Japan. So you probably won't see this, but have a safe and wonderful trip!