Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can be so dense #2

Sometimes I amaze myself—and not in a good way. I am getting ready to leave for a ten day trip to Japan. It will be my second trip to Japan this year. I am going for business but I will have plenty of opportunities for shopping. I leave this weekend.

This past weekend, I was cataloguing more of my materials for my insurance policy when, out of the blue, I decided that I have outgrown my studio space (the bedroom of my apartment) and needed to move into the den (which I was using as my bedroom). The den is about twice the size of the studio space and I had some large items already spilling into the den anyway.

Of course, this great idea didn’t come to me until late Sunday night. So I was up late on Sunday and still had to work my day job on Monday (no such thing as Columbus Day in the Entertainment Industry). So now, I am working late at nights trying to move everything from one room into the next all at the same time I am trying to get ready to go to Japan.

So in short, I am really a lame-brained doofus. My big question is this: do I bust my bum and try to get this done before I leave (and therefore arriving in Japan already tired) OR do I try and make a dent in the moving and come home from Japan to a big mess?

The reason why I am doing this move is that I want to paint my apartment (not the old bedroom/new studio). It will be easier to paint if all of my artist’s supplies are in the one completed room that I am happy with.

What a life!

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Jodi Renshaw said...

Hi Russ! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words. I am going to keep up with your blog, as I too *love* paper ... but lack the creativity to get funky with it ... so I will look to you for some inspiration :)

Happy travels to Japan. I would love to see the photos on your blog when you return.