Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Wasted Craft Week

This has been a hell of a week. My real job was stressful this week because a colleague dropped the ball on a project that he was spearheading. The problem was that he committed to a project and then had to take off three days for the Jewish holidays that fell during the week that the project was due. I had to step in and take over which led to 20 hour days from Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately, I had little time to craft or to think about crafting/creating. I have a project due by the end of the month when I go and visit friends in Indianapolis. I am making a series of boxes for the children of my friends. I am making a box that will be wrapped in pink fake shag fur. So, to work out the logistics, I tried glueing the fabric to the bookcloth that will cover the box. PVA mix didn't work. Red line tape didn't work. Finally, full strength PVA worked wonderfully which was a great find. Here are the mockups of the materials. It almost looks obscene.

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