Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Wasted Weeked--Almost

Did you ever work on a project that you thought would be fantastic and wound up a dud? That was my weekend. I had this great idea. I have a good friend whose daughter loves the color pink. I thought that I would make her a pink fuzzy jewelry box that was covered in pink shag fake fur. What little girl wouldn’t love something like that? I was going to fill it up with plastic bangle jewelry and rings so that she could play dress-up.

One weekend ago, I experimented with affixing the fake fur to a mock up of davey board and book cloth. Once I figured out that secret, I collected all of the materials that I would use. The box tray and lid came out perfectly. I then covered the box pieces with Sugar Plum Pink colored book cloth. It was smooth sailing—this was going to be a breeze.

I started covering the box with the fur and it all went to hell in a hand basket. I started covering the lid first. I got a great fit but somehow I sheared the fur so that there was a marked difference in the direction of the fur. I though that I would be able to fluff it up to hide the seam (like you do when sewing fur together)—no such luck. Then I had to deal with the exposed edge. I couldn’t find a way to hide the cut edge. I still had to cover the sides of the box bottom.

I thought about covering my edges with ribbon that I had bought to affix the closure. I had this great polka dot ribbon that I wanted to use. The only problem was that it wasn’t wide enough in proportion to the davey board edge. I couldn’t turn it under the lid without it looking like a mistake. Because I didn’t have any FabricTac, I got hot glue over everything.

So, I learned a lot of things but ended up with an unfinished project that I can’t really do anything with. I will send it to the Isle of Misfit Projects so that it won’t feel abandoned and lonely.
Davey Board waiting to get cut
Box tray waiting to get covered.
Box Lid covered in Sugar Plum Pink Book Cloth
Covered Box Tray (Bottom of Box)
Box top and Bottom waiting for pink shag fur


woolanthropy said...

Isle of Misfit Projects...I like that. Sorry your project didn't turn out because I think it sounds fabulous.

luluvision said...

I have a pile of misfit projects too! Maybe mine can join yours for a big party! LOL