Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greetings from Japan

Hello everyone,

I am glad to say that I am posting from Japan. I arrived in Narita airport after 14 hours in the air and I have to say that I am happy to be out of the airplane.

The trip was uneventful once we got in the air. We had a 45 minute delay on the tarmac at JFK due to mechanical difficulties (something that you definitely don't want to hear knowing that you will be flying for 14 hours).

I filled up my first page of journal with some Travel Haiku. Examples include:

Baby walks the aisle
Daddy holds her hands up high
I want to trip them.

Up, down, all around
He has to pee once again
Give him catherer

Crossing Russia now
Will wave to Sarah Palin
Say Hello neighbor

Well folks--that is all for now. The Jet lag is starting to kick in. I might go and take a nap before the adventures begin.


woolanthropy said...

Very nice haikus. lol.

Let the adventures begin.

fingerstothebone said...

My, are you grouchy? My mom loves to tell the story of a flight where she sat next to a business man, who was on the aisle. A little girl in a big puffy skirt walked up and down, up and down the aisle, disturbing his work papers every time she went by.

Finally he said, "little girl, why don't you go outside and play?"

Jodi Renshaw said...

Hilarious haikus! I think I may have to try some. So - greetings from the USA to you in Japan. I am looking forward to pictures :)

Thanks so much for the excellent advice on how I can better market my goodies at craft fairs. everyone loves the cake stand idea. I am now searching for one. Thanks!

Enjoy your trip.