Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Card #1

Here is one of the “quick” cards that I ended up making for one of my friends. The closed card measures 6.25 (w) by 4.4 (h). It is made with a Natural White 110 lb cardstock. It is a tri-fold card with a vertical orientation (it opens up rather than left and right). The gold paper is embossed and dry-brushed with white ink and is wrapped around the entire card. The top fold lifts up to reveal the sentiment that is gocco-printed in gold on bright white 80 lb cardstock. The sentiment is matted on a gold linen card 60 lb cardstock. The bottom of the card lifts down to reveal a white linen text weight (32 lb) paper for a handwritten message.

When I make a first batch of cards, I make extra parts of the card so I don’t have to restart every time I want that design. In this case, I printed extra “with love” cards so that I can use them in the future. This way, I only have to gocco print once.

I originally designed this card for an anniversary card. My friend is using it so send to a new bride and groom. I also plan on using this card for Valentine’s Day next year.

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woolanthropy said...

But it doesn't sound too quick.