Monday, October 6, 2008

My Toys

I had to take pictures for my insurance policy in the event of flood or fire. I didn't really realize that I had so much stuff when it comes to crafting. I have big items. I have lots of small items. I realized that I needed to really document what I have because replacement values depend so much on this type of documentation. I have most of my receipts but havng a detailed picture will really help in getting the replacement cost of my items. So, I am really being anal retentive in my documentation of my studio.

I don't mean to put a bummer on October's postings but I ask you--do you know what you have if you have to replace it?
My Xyron machine--I can't live without it

My double loop wire binding machine
My Kuttrimmer for davey board and large sheets

My flat files that hold my collection of paper.
My antique book press

My Prestige Pro
My Elfa system for Gocco drying


fingerstothebone said...

You have GOOD TOYS!

Dr. Russ said...

Thanks. The insurance company isn't too happy but I am.

woolanthropy said...

The elfa drying rack...ingenious!

Carol Smith-Nichols said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I have a question for you. I make boxes (and journals and photo albums) using Davey board. After many years of cutting everything by hand, I gave in and bought a Kutrimmer. It looks like I have the same model as what you pictured. My question is: I can't seem to get straight cuts - what am I doing wrong? The thickness of my board is 0.080 so it's not even the thickest board available. The blade always "wanders" into the board at the front of the cutter. Should I just hold the clamp down harder? Many, many thanks!

Dr. Russ said...


There could be a variety of issues. Do you square off the board before you begin? First you need to guarantee that you have a 90 degree corner. Second, I use a L square against the bottom edge and put the 90 degree corner against that. Make sure that the board is flush against the edge and flush against the base. The board has a way of lifting up while cutting. I very rarely use the clamp. Also, I tape down the L square so that the board doesn't move it during cutting. Finally, be sure to bring the blade straight down. It is easy to pull the blade in either direction. Let me know if this helps. You can email directly