Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a Wasted Day

What started out as a creative morning quickly turned into an unproductive day. I had all of these ideas running around in my head only to find out that I didn’t have the supplies that I needed to complete them. Rather than redesign cards with what I had on hand, I fixated about the cards that I WANTED to make rather than the cards I COULD make.

So, I ventured into Manhattan (from da Bronx during the Yankee’s final weekend at the old Yankee Stadium which translates to bunches of people) to go to some of my favorite supply stores. Once I am in the city, I get an email on my TREO telling me that I am needed at work because some business needs to be done before the work day starts on Sunday afternoon.

In total, I spent five hours away from home and away from making things. I finally get the mock up done for the Chicken Soup card that I will send to David this week and realize that I don’t have any cup of soup packages. So I venture out through the crowds to the local supermarket and buy some instant soup. I get back to dry fit the mock up and realize that I bought cup of noodles rather than cup of soup. So I have to go out again to get the right soup.

Finally, having completed the card, I realize that I spent all day on a single card and didn’t even get to gocco print any of my postcards. Today, I will have to really get to business.

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