Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Project

This was a lazy weekend. There was a haze and mist throughout the whole weekend in NYC and I just didn’t feel like making any cards. I did get into a cleaning and organizing mood though. I have had an idea for a drop spine box to house all of my paper samples and so I decided to make this project to keep the handmade movement going.

The problem with drop spine boxes is that they are usually a solid tray that is fitted onto a base, spine and lid. The biggest problem for my case is that I need to reach into the bottom of my tray to get some catalogues that were going to be stored in the box. After some deliberating, I decided that the wall that would rest against the spine would be a partial wall so that I could lift the catalogs from the side.

I will have to say that I am a self-professed paper whore. I love paper and I collect lots of paper. Sometimes, I buy paper for the sake of buying paper without a particular purpose in mind. I fell in love with this paisley print (I bought it in three variations) but when I received it, I didn’t realize that the pattern was so large. I would only be able to use the paper on certain projects because the pattern would be too large for card making.

This project was the perfect project for this paper.

My weekend project.

My box with the side cut and samples

My box in its home on the shelf

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