Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to My Space

Several people have asked me about my insistence on a clean workspace prior to starting a new card design so I decided to take some pictures of my workspace. I live in da Bronx near Yankee Stadium. For non-NYers that is about 20 minutes by subway outside of midtown Manhattan. The main reason that I live in the da Bronx is that it is less expensive and you can get more bang for your apartment rental buck.

I have the equivalent of a two bedroom apartment. The real bedroom I have converted to my “studio” or if you prefer—my craft room. What normally would be the den, I converted to the bedroom.

So here are some pics:

my desk after my last project

my magnetic strip holding card ideas

my gluing station and supplies

my toolbox

my toolbox opened

the top tray of my toolbox

I am rather proud of my toolbox because I made it from scratch and because purple is one of my favorite colors.

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