Friday, September 19, 2008

I am SOOOOOO Dense!

Sometimes I can be so dense, I amaze myself.

One of my friends is in the hospital recovering from brain surgery. I promised myself that I would send him a card a week until he feels better. I sent him two cards already and have fallen behind sending cards because of the work have I been putting into the postcard swap.

I designed a couple of cards but they really didn’t work out for various reasons. So, a week passed and I still hadn’t sent him a new card. Finally, I decided to wake up early and send out whatever I made—regardless of whether it was perfect or not. I came to realize that he would be happy to receive whatever I sent—it didn’t have to be perfect because it was the sentiment that was important.

Something amazing seemed to happen. When I freed myself from the need to be perfect, I ended up with a nice, simple card that I might actually add to my online store.

The interesting aspect of the design of this card was getting the odd cut on the right side to line up. Here is where the dense part comes in. I kept trying to get the off-cut perfect when all I had to do was cut the off-cut the same for both the card and the paper. What I needed to do was cut the opposite side (the straight edge) to show the reveal. DUH.

I will send the card today and will put it into a vellum envelope so that it can be appreciated as it goes through the mail.

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