Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Steps One to Four

I don’t know what I was thinking. I have finally completed the backgrounds for my Postcard Swap. I have been rubbing ink for so many days I have built up a callus on my thumb. My fingers are permanently tattooed with four colors of ink and now I leave a rose colored fingerprint on everything that I touch. ( The two color wash on the left; The four color wash on the right--finished background.)

The interesting aspect of the backgrounds is that each one is different. So, I will have 58 unique postcards to swap. Everyone will have two individual pieces of art. The funny aspect of it all is that each card was affected by the two biggest influences of this past week and weekend: Hurricane Ike and the Mets.

I was anxiously waiting for news from Hurricane Ike because I have family and friends in Houston, Texas (where I grew up and went to school). There seems to be some inadvertent eye of the hurricane swirls on the cards. Actually, I like the juxtaposition of curves and linear forms. Secondly, the Mets have lost their lead in the Eastern division by having a mini-meltdown in September (just like they did last year). So on some cards, there seems to be a more aggressive vibe.

This week I will begin the gocco printing and we will see what happens.

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