Saturday, September 20, 2008

Waking Up Creative

Did you ever wake up and just feel “creative”? I was awake by 7:10 am and already had card ideas running through my brain. As I was in bed, all of these images and ideas popped into my head and I knew that the day was going to be dedicated to cards and other artistic endeavors.

I have decided that today I was going to do my first Gocco print on my postcard exchange. If things go well, I will let them dry and do the second printing tomorrow. If I get industrious, I will do the second printing later tonight.

Regardless, I am going to design and make some Get Well Cards and Thinking of You Cards for my friend David who is still in the hospital. I will also make a card for his partner Jack who has been on his side throughout the ordeal.

I have been told that artists should do some work every day (I used to follow this mantra when I was writing—my creative writing and writing my dissertation). Sometimes, I am so tired from my regular job that I just don’t feel too creative. Yet, I write in my subway journal every day as I am going to work or returning from work so hopefully that works for the creativity karma.

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