Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Outgoing Postcards


I put so much effort in sending out my postcards that I decided to share them with you. I always try and find the right card and the right postage stamps to send. I am so proud to live in New York City and The United States of America that I try and show my pride in the postcards that I send out--especially to foreign pen pals/postcrossers/swap-bot swappers.

The problem is that I so often get so excited to send out the perfect postcard that I forget to take pictures before either addressing the card or writing on it. So now, I make a concerted effort to slow down and take pictures before the point of no return.

This is a postcard that is being sent to someone from Germany. She likes city postcards that show buildings or monuments. I have a lot of Statue of Liberty cards so I often send these out when the person has no specific request.

As you know, I collect postcards, postage stamps and used postage stamps. I always try to find creative postage stamps to cover the cost of sending the postcard. On many occasions, I will spend excess postage just to provide a variety of stamps or a stamp theme. For this international address, I only needed $1.15 and I ended up spending $1.16 which isn't bad. The postage stamps are two different Forever flag stamps and a 1981 Battle for Virginia Capes Stamp.

If I am sending a postcard internationally or sending a postcard to stamp collector/enthusiast, I will often decorate the card with cancelled/used postage stamps. The three stamps here highlight NYC. The top stamp is a 1964 World's Fair Stamp. The second stamp is a 1953 300th Anniversary of NYC Stamp. The third stamps is a 1947 NYC Skyline Stamp.

So--this is totally a NYC postcard.

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