Sunday, January 7, 2018

Daily Coloring

I mentioned this book during the Coloring Across America Tour on Day Seven. On that occasion, I mentioned that I was going to revisit pages from the book using different media. Today, I wanted to see how Copic Markers would work on this paper.

I am very happy to report that Copic Markers were a perfect medium for this book. The paper takes the ink wonderfully. Because of the rag content of the paper, I don't think blending on the page would be very successful but layering colors worked amazingly well.

Each column of the image was colored using three shades of the same color family--a light, medium and dark tone. Each column was filled with the lightest shade first. The second element of each block was then colored with the medium shade and the third element was colored with the darkest shade. If there were more than three elements, the pattern was repeated until all elements within the block were completed. This continued for the first six columns.

For the remaining six columns, I started the same process with three different markers but within the same color families as the first six columns. The lightest was put down first. For the second element, the darkest shade was then applied followed by the medium shade on the third element. Like the first six columns, the pattern was repeated if there were more then three elements.

No markers were repeated so a total of 36 markers were used. This paper was such a pleasure to color and the geometric nature of the pattern made it fun. I think the next treatment will be Prismacolor colored pencils and blending solutions.

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