Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Crayola Nature Escapes Coloring Book--Parrot

This is the first page of the Nature Escapes Coloring Book for 2018. There are several images which are my favorites in the book and this happens to be one of them. The pages are designed with repeating motifs and if you color the same motif each time, the page fills itself in. If you prefer, you can bypass the motifs and color everything freestyle.

For example, the feathers are designed as leaves and I decided that I wanted them to be green. The veined part of the leave was a light green. The outline of the feather was a darker green. I then layered a light yellow to blend the two shades of green. The same veined pattern occurs in the feathers in the head. For this treatment, I re-used the yellow as the center color and then layered a different green color on top.

These pages take the alcohol inks very well. The color doesn't spread and the pages don't absorb the color so quickly that you can't mix and layer the colors. I used both wet blending and pen on pen blending on this page without issue. The only technique that I didn't use was color removal with the blender pen.

Since I am working back at the theatre, I have decided to take some of my Copic markers to work since I will be coloring there more often than not. I have a Copic traveling case that holds 72 markers. I decided to take all of my duplicates and then supplement them with colors from my full collection to fill out the case. Here are the color samples of the colors that I decided to take so far. I have already made one substitution  and will probably make others as I go along. I have taken colors from every color family and proportioned some color families based on my preferences. Here are the colors that I have taken. I am using color numbers rather than names for ease of typing and reference.

Greys and Black: NO, N2, N4, N8, C2, C4, C8, W2, W4, W8, T4 and 100
Greens/Yellow Green: G02, G07, G09, G21, G28, G94, YG13, YG17, YG41, YG45
Reds/Red Violet: R05, R20, R27, R46, RV23, RV43, RV25, RV69
Earth Tones: E04, E08, E11, E13, E15, E18, E29, E34, E39, E42
Yellow/Yellow Red: Y15, Y19, YR23, Y35, YR09, YR12, YR16, YR61, YR68
Violet/Blue Violet:V04, V05, V09, V12, V25, BV01, BV08
BlueGreen: BG10, BG11, BG13, BG15, BG72, BG78
Blues: B01, B02, B04, BG23, B24, B28, B41, B45, B63, B66

As you can see, I originally had R01 which was too close in color to R20 so I replaced it with R05. I might replace some of the greys with other colors since I don't think that I will use all of the shades of grey.

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