Thursday, January 2, 2014

Envelope #1

Envelope in Vellum Sleeve
I have always been infatuated with the concept presented in the book 365: A Daily Creative Journal--Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life by Noah Scalin. The book provides you with prompts to create something every day. The process is supposed to get your creative juices flowing.
Granted, it is a large project and if you aren't in the league of creating every day then he suggest that smaller commitments could be tackled--one a week, twice a month, once a month, etc. I took this to heart and in 2013, I decided to commit to blogging Monday through Friday for the entire year. I was very happy to complete that task. Also, I committed to making one handmade greeting card per week and completed all 52 projects. Finally, I committed to participating in the Iron Craft Challenges for 2013 and completed all 26 projects.

I am now ready to take the next step and complete something every day for 365 days. I have chosen to continue my envelope decorating project. Rather than cover each envelope on the front and back like I did here, I have decided to decorate the front of the envelope only. I will then place the envelope in a handmade vellum sleeve so I can mail the envelope without ruining the decorated envelope. The recipient can then use the envelope for their own purposes by addressing the back of the envelope and place postage or they can collect it (and mount it) as art.

I made this decision after a few of friends called me to complain about receiving one of my decorated envelopes in the mail (without the vellum sleeve). They complained that they couldn't decide which side they like best and that the postage/label that I used ruined the looks of the envelope. By sending out the envelopes in these vellum sleeves, the recipient can decide how they want to use their decorated envelope.

January 1, 2014
In the future, these posts will appear on my Flikr account (DrRuss2011) and will be posted here with little/no commentary.

I hope that you will following along and provide support when the creativity gets a little ellusive and time gets a little short.

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