Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #1--Leather Box

Finished Project--Top View
Happy New Year Iron Craft and Happy Third Anniversary. For the first challenge of the new year, we were asked to make an anniversary present for Kat and Susi using the tradition and modern gift guides--either leather (traditional) or crystal (modern). The guidelines were present here.

I decided to make a leather box to hold some of my loose postcards that I have acquired over the years. The paper covering is a thick embossed paper that is designed to simulate leather. The interiors are covered with a suede paper in a coordinating color.

Box Interior
Finished Project--Side View

I have been providing a step-by-step tutorial that shows each of the individual steps involved when making a handmade box. The series will continue on Thursday and will finish on Friday of this week.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

It really is stunning. I like storage things like that because they are nice enough to have out.