Friday, January 31, 2014

Organization and New Colored Pencils

I have been known to be anal retentive regarding my art/craft supplies. Many of my friends laugh at me regarding my lists, sample books and other organizational methods that I use to try and remember what supplies I have.

For example, I just purchased a new box of 50 Crayola Colored pencils for my 365 project. I was currently using a set of 12 pencils and I wanted to expand on the colors that I was using. Rather than carry around my tin of Prismacolor pencils (which can be quite expensive to use on a daily basis), I found these pencils on sale; I also had a coupon which made them less than $6 including tax. I just couldn't pass up the deal so I bought them.

One of my pet peeves regarding colored pencils is that they label each color (which I like) but they use a font so small that it is difficult to read it. With Crayola, they also use a gold foil for the lettering which makes it even more difficult to read. Finally, if you use your pencils often and sharpen them, many times the color designation will become obsolete so it becomes very difficult to replace that pencil (Crayola doesn't sell individual pencils but with Prismacolor pencils, which are sold individually, this becomes important.)

To alleviate this problem, I take a small numbered sticker and place it on each pencil with cellophane tape (the stickers will not stay on without the tape). I then create a spreadsheet or list that states the sticker number and the corresponding color. When I am working with artwork, I will notate these numbers so I can reference them later.

Since I will be using these pencils for my 365 project, I need them to be portable so I simply place them in a gallon Ziploc bag which makes them very portable.
New Pencils in a Ziploc Bad

To complete this total project, I spent about 45 minutes from beginning to end (including the sharpening of all of the pencils). All in all, not a bad investment of time considering the benefits.
Pencil Detail


luluvision said...

I applaud your organization!! I try to keep up with my craft supplies and I'm good on some things but not on other things! I wonder why you don't just write the color on the label? And do you print out your spreadsheet? I've been coloring the marker/pencil in a notebook with it's name underneath so I know what colors I have. But I usually end up forgetting to bring it with me when I am shopping but lately I get a lot of supplies online.

Dr. Russ said...

The labels are too small to list the color and my handwriting is horrible. I am afraid that if I spend too much time on the organizing then I wouldn't do it.

When I am working on an art project, I will use a sample of the paper to use as a scratch pad to see how the color is going to interact with the paper. So for each project I have swatch color sample for each color that I use. I find this helpful if I ever need to revisit the project and do it again.

I do have printed copies that I keep in my art box but more importantly, I send them to myself in an email so I always have them on my iPhone or iPad.

The lists come in handy when I am out shopping and I see a great bargain. For example, I found a sale for 89 cent micron pens. I looked at my list, found the ones I needed and I was done.

luluvision said...

89 cent micron pens!! Wow!!