Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #2--Traveling Art/iPad Box (Project 4)

Closed box.
For Challenge #2 we were asked to make something to do with organization. In 2012, I made a clamshell box to hold my iPad. I talked about it here. The box was a result from a challenge from Kat to make a container for an iPad or electronic reader. After almost two years, the box was showing some wear and tear. Since it was only made of board and paper, I decided to redesign the construction.

Lately, I had been using it as a traveling case for my markers and envelopes so I could work on my 365 project while on the subway. It was sturdy and provided a great surface upon which to make my envelope doodles.

To update the box, I make it out of board and library book cloth so that it would withstand daily use. I made it a little bulkier so I could carry my markers, envelopes, and colored pencils. When I need to, I can still use it to carry my iPad and in the empty space I can place my reading glasses.

Open Box
The interiors of the box uses one of my favorite Japanese paper designs. I decided to be a little selfish since this project is for myself. I have used this paper sparingly because I will no longer be able to replace it once I have used it all. This was the last remnant and I decided to use it for this box.

iPad Holder
I am really happy with the way that this box turned out and it makes me smile every time that I use it. Opening it up to find my hidden surprises inside is a great way to start my morning commute.

Traveling art supplies


Just Crafty Enough said...

What a great project! Seems like the perfect thing for your supplies while traveling.

luluvision said...

Looks great! I'm glad you used that paper for yourself! You deserve it!