Monday, January 6, 2014

Blogging 2014

I mentioned my resolutions for 2014 in this post and so I wanted to share with you some of the changes that I wanted to implement in regards to blogging this year. Last year, I realized that it was easier to blog when I had recurring themes each week. This took off some of the pressure having to come up with new topics about which to blog. Also, I still want to keep this a unique blog with original posts rather than some of the other blogs that simply collect other topics and articles and re-blog them.

Not that I am adverse to sharing with you some of the projects that other people are doing (which I will continue to do), the goal of my blog has always been showing you what I am creating. This year, I want to continue to blog but more importantly, I want to create more and blog less. Although, it won't seem to be so after you see all of the blog entries accumulate over the year.

First, I want to continue to create and post one envelope front each day. I will simply post them to the blog (many times without any narration unless there was something interesting about that particular entry) here, on Pinterest and Flikr.

Second, I will be continuing with Iron Craft 2014 and will post every two weeks on the Reveal Tuesday  when that a project is due.

Third, I hope to create one project per week to share with you (during the Iron Craft reveal week, this will be the same project). During this posting, I hope to share with you a step-by-step description of the project for that week. I anticipate that this will be the only extensive posting for that week.

Other times, I hope to share with you (in a somewhat random fashion), other topics of interest--in process projects, completed projects, the From My Stash segments, and Book Reviews.

By limiting the scope of the blogging, I hope to get many of my resolutions accomplished this year.

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