Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I am Thankful for

As I reflect on the happenings of 2013, I have many things for which to offer thanks:

I am so grateful for many of the blogs that I have been able to follow: Kat and Susi at Just Crafty Enough and their Iron Craft Challenges; Lisa over at Bunny Log who introduced me to SwapBot and Iron Craft but more importantly for sharing her doodling; also to Leslie over at Comfortable Shoes Studios for her technique videos and product reviews. It has been nice to connect to these online friends and families through our craft/art adventures.

I have been grateful for my teachers: Shanna Spradlin Yarbrough, Barbara Mauriello and Carolyn Chadwick from The Center for Book Arts in New York City. Every day I create something in paper, I remember rules, techniques, jokes and all sorts of other tidbits to make me a better artist (or at least something to make me giggle in those times of paper crafting stress).

I have been grateful for those friends who have supported me in my paper endeavors: thoughtful gifts of art supplies when you had no idea on what to buy me for the holidays; those special commissions; purchasing those handmade items that you pretended to really, really need.

Even though, I haven't been able to work at the theater in a while, I am grateful that I have been able to fill my time with creative endeavors. While my bank account suffered, my imagination and creative spirit soared.

Finally, I am grateful for my health. I have things under control but more importantly, my eyesight, hearing and onset arthritis have all been kept to nuisances rather than concerns.

Tomorrow, I will share with you my resolutions for 2014 and my decisions regarding artwork, crafting, and blogging for the New Year.

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luluvision said...

Thank you so much Russ! I'm thankful that you joined my gocco swap!! I have enjoyed reading your blog since then and I continue to look forward to what you post in 2014! Here's to a year of more creativity!