Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Day Two

Today was spent in Chicago. The train arrived at 10:45 AM and went to my hotel. Expedia inexplicably cancelled my reservation but the nice people at the Kinzie Hotel not only fixed things for me but they let me check in early. The night is dedicated to seeing some of my friends
perform in the musical Hamilton (Chicago cast). Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Seattle.

Today's coloring assignment was a loose page from one of my Michael's purchases that I have mentioned before. I used the Crayola Super Thins markers which are water based. Unfortunately, Ihaven't tried layering them yet but I do miss my alcohol style markers. But this exercise is good for me because it forces me to develop different techniques and style.

This is a Mandela style image. I like it when the artist provides some guidelines on a color palette and suggestions on how the image should be filled in. of course, these are only suggestions. I took my supplies to a Starbucks on Grand Street and took a table and started coloring. A couple of people asked me what I was doing but chose not to join in.

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