Saturday, December 23, 2017

Day Nineteen

Today’s coloring assignment is from a new book that I found on Amazon. It is not a holiday themed coloring book but I was attracted to the title: Best Adult Coloring Book. The coloring pages are nine inches square. Also there are some double spreads that cover two complete pages. The paper is a little smooth so I anticipate that it will do well with markers. 

I like the graphic design of the book because the illustrations have a lot of open space that you can add your own design if you choose. Also, the images aren’t over designed so there is a lot of space to color.

As you can see the Crayola markers can get streaky when a lot of space is coveted. I enjoyed coloring this page because of the big bold design. I am very interested to see how the other media do on these pages.

Tomorrow the tour continues as I travel to New Orleans.

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