Thursday, December 7, 2017

Day Three

Today I am traveling from Chicago to Seattle. I wanted a shorter project to work on the train so I could work on several projects over the course of the ride. I found this box of holiday cards on Amazon from the ArtEclect Studio. I decided to use my Crayola Super Tips Markers because I wanted to work on technique.

First, I wanted to test to see if the markers could layer. I tried the light base/darker overlay technique but the colors just don't layer. Y can see the effects on the polka dot bow and the bells. The colors just don't blend.

Second. because the tips are domed. I wanted to see the effects of using just the tip to draw fine lines and the side of the maker to draw thicker lines. As you can see, it is very easy to get good effects by changing the pressure and the angle of the marker which is good for me since I can't live without a plaid background.

My only reservation about the card is that the paper is a little flimsy (probably about 60 lb stock). The envelopes are super thin and come in red and green. I would probably use my own envelope to give some heft to the mailing.

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