Friday, October 27, 2017

Week of Swaps--Day 5

This is the last of swap postings. The day has been dedicated to making envelopes. These envelopes are approximately 6 by 7 inches. They are made from an old book that was left out in the elements by a Goodwill store. Many of the pages were water damaged or warped so I took the book home hoping that I would be able to do something with it.

I cut the spine open so I could separate the pages without getting a jagged edge. This is important because you need all clean edges because of the size of this envelope.

For this swap, you send your partner a postcard that you want returned to you. You place the postcard in an envelope and then address and stamp the envelope. Your partner will take the postcard you have addressed to yourself, write something on it and place a stamp on it. The card will receive local postmarks and stamps. Of course, rather than send a plain envelope I had to send something special and I included some miscellaneous items for my partner to keep.

More envelopes

Even more envelopes

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