Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Envelopes Part 2

Front View
Today we are continuing the week with handmade envelopes. Here is a second attempt to try and find the balance between materials and aesthetics. The above is the front of an envelope utilizing some dried leaves. The evergreen sprig to the left looks much better than the washed out leaves on the right. Unfortunately, the placement of the leaves provides limited space for addressing the envelope.

Back View
For the back, I decided to not line the top flap with card stock. The card that is being sent will provide enough heft for the envelope to be sent through the mail. Without the additional card stock on the flap, the dried leaves (or flowers) will show through the glassine flap. This will allow a larger variety of dried flowers to be used. Also, this will provide easier access to open the envelope. The bigger difficulty here is how to secure the envelope without glue or tape being visible.


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