Friday, January 28, 2011

Tartan vs Plaid vs Gingham (Part 2)

In terms of paper weaving, I wanted to illustrate the differences between Gingham, Plaid and Tartan. Using solid colored strips of cardstock, I set out to show the difference between these three designs.

Gingham is two colors of stripes, usually the same width. One color is usually white. Think of picnic tablecloths. Below is an example of a gingham with the strips being 1/2" wide.

A plaid is usually two colors and the width of the stripes can be the same or not. Below is my example of a Buffalo plaid (think flannel shirts) using the traditional red and black. Notice that the widths of the stripes vary--the wider stripes are actually two widths of the same color. All of the stripes are 1/2" but are combined in different patterns to make them wider.

A tartan is usually more than two colors on a solid background. The widths of the stripes change. In this case, I used 1/4" and 1/2" strips in both directions to give the tartan look. Also, I used four different colors to mimic the tartan look. The base color is the dark purple.

Next week, I will discuss using patterned strips and uses for your weaved paper. Have a great weekend.

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Grandma - Bear said...

interesting, didn't realize some of the subtle differences