Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Iron Craft Week One

Here is my entry for the first week of the Iron Craft Challenge. As mentioned yesterday, the theme is Lighting the Winter Gloom.

Here is my card for the Fourth Day of Christmas--Four Calling Birds. The card is made from chocolate brown card stock (80 lb) that is cut into a tri-fold card. The first two panels (the left and center panels) have matching ovals cut from them. The artwork is then place on the center panel and the first panel is then glued shut and enveloping the artwork.

The artwork is from a Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book. It is reduced in size and printed on vellum. It is hand tinted using colored pencils and blended using a blending stick.

The below image shows the card with a candle resting behind the artwork.
The image below shows the card with the candle and the lights out.

Can you image what the winter gloom will look like with all Twelve Days finished. No more winter gloom here.

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