Friday, January 7, 2011

Last Minute Profile #1--Coordinating Bride and Groom Journals

I try and treat my friends in the right way. Many times, they are my biggest supporters when they buy my handmade items. Unfortunately, many times they know that I can be their last minute gift provider when they procrastinate buying gifts for special occasions. My friends know that I take my craft seriously yet they have no problem in calling me for immediate Mother's Day cards, Valentine's cards, or last minute wedding gifts.

I would like to start a new feature to this blog--Last Minute Profiles. These are the last minute requests and briefings that I get from my friends when they want me to make something.

Last Minute Profile #1

Purchaser: Friend C

Date I was contacted: January 3, 2011

Date needed: Wedding on January 15, 2011

Special Situation: Leaving on January 14, 2001 but wants to mail the item before he leaves.

Item requested: Coordinating journals for the bride and groom.
Briefing I received: the bride is girlie, girlie but he does not know the groom.

Here is the wedding invitation:

In this case, I will case in a text block that I have bought from Hollanders. Friend C has requested that the journals should have lined pages. I keep several text blocks from Hollanders on hand for situations like this. Normally, I would hand sew signatures and make a book from scratch but with such a quick turn around needed, an already prepared text block is the answer--especially since he wants the pages lined.
I looked through my stash of papers and prepared several options for Friend C to choose from. I wanted to mainly concentrate on the bride since she is the actual friend and the one that he wants to please the most. I chose a yellow Prestige flocked paper that will act as the book cloth (because the paper is thick and lined it can actually be used as book cloth without worrying about cracking at the gutters). The yellow Prestige paper approximated the yellow mustard color of the invitation and envelope. The decorative paper is a Florentine print that mimics the swirly pattern of the invitation. For the groom, I simply chose a navy Prestige paper with a different Florentine patterned decorative paper. Together, the books will coordinate nicely due to the similarities in the papers chosen.

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