Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution #2

As promised, I wanted to share another of my New Year's resolutions. My first resolution was mentioned here. My second resolution is linked to the first--Don't buy art supplies in bulk.

I don't know from where it stems but if I need double-sided tape, for instance, why do I buy 10 rolls when two or three are sufficient. The rationalization that I use is "I don't want to stop a project because I don't have the supplies" or "I don't want to have to go into Manhattan" or "I don't know if I will have money when I need to get the supplies that I need." I think part of the problem can be attributed to not having money for a good portion of my life--not that I am living in the lap of luxury right now. I remember living from paycheck to paycheck and not having a lot of extra money for non-essentials.

The problem with all of the excess is (1) storage, (2) shelf life and (3) boredom. My studio is lined with rubbermaid containers that have my supplies. Sometime the containers are labeled--usually, they are not. The problem is when I need to find the replacement supplies sometimes I can't find them as fast as I think that I need them. Therefore, I go to the store and buy more rather than taking the time out to find where they are. I don't know why I am so insistent on getting the project finished NOW. Secondly, some of the items that I have probably have a shelf life that expires while they are on my shelf. Most of them don't--thank goodness glitter lasts forever and that stamp pads won't dry out (if you keep them tightly sealed). Finally, I have found out that I get bored with my current supplies. Right now, I don't think that I will be using glitter for quite a while. Mainly, because it gets everywhere--no matter how careful you are. I found red glitter in my underwear while I was changing at the gym--Try explaining that to the other guys in the dressing room. "Hey Mr. Sparkly, how many reps did YOU do today?"

So, in closing, my New Year's resolution is to survey my supplies before starting any new project. Should some essential item be needed, buy only the item needed and no more than ONE extra.

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Grandma - Bear said...

major clean up of my room.Took 3 weeks,did it. My piles are off my floor.