Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Another Envelope

Nine by Twelve inch envelope front detail
This was another quick envelope that was hand delivered. I am working on the proportions of this particular alphabet style. After lettering the envelope, I took a stencil and alcohol inks to provide color. The only problem is that the envelope was larger than the stencil. Since it was a repeating pattern, it was easy to cover the envelope in two steps. First I colored the left side of the envelope (and masked off the right side edge). I then move the stencil to the right so that it finished the pattern (and making sure that I didn't spray off the left side edge). Once the pattern was continued, I colored the background with a light blue color.

Back side envelope detail
The back of the envelope was a simple two step process. Place the stencil on top of the envelope and provide the background colors (and establishing the positive and negative space). I removed the stencil and did a general wash to to highlight the positive space.

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