Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014--Year in Review

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Last year was a great  year for me regarding crafting and being creative. Here is a list my resolutions from last year and their results.
  1. Similar to doing the 31 days of Halloween, this year I want to do a 31 Days of Christmas. I don't quite know how I will organize it but will work out those logistics later. COMPLETED. Check out the Christmas in November series here.
  2. Several years ago, I designed a Advent project for Kat's Advent project. Of course, life and commissions got in the way. This year, I would like to complete that project. FAIL. Didn't even make one challenge.
  3. I would like to continue to post craft entries Monday through Friday, without fail. COMPLETED thanks to the 365 Day Challenge.
  4. I would like to complete a craft a day project and share it with people. I have chosen to complete a decorated envelope per day and to post it to my Flikr account (DrRuss2011) and my blog. Here is the summary of challenge that I completed last year. This year, I will continue the challenge but only decorate the front side of the envelope. COMPLETED. Check out the Envelope Challenge here.
  5. I have chosen to participate in Iron Craft 2014. I postponed my decision to participate because for the 2013 Challenge, I was able to complete all 26 challenges. I just don't want to feel like a failure if I don't complete all of the challenges for 2014. There is no pressure other than the pressure that I put on myself. I have really enjoyed getting to know the people that have participated and that was the factor that tipped the balance to continue in 2014. COMPLETED. Check out the Iron Craft Challenges here.
  6. Take more art classes. I enjoy taking classes at The Center for Book Arts in NYC and will try and save up some money to add a couple of weekend classes. FAIL. I didn't even make it to one class.
  7. Take a dance class. I never really took dance classes when I was growing up and felt too awkward to take them when I was an adult. This year, I finally realized my reticence--I could not stand to look in the mirror at myself. I might actually take a HipHop class at the Broadway Dance Center. FAIL. I didn't even make it for one class.
  8. Print more. I want to use my Print Gocco more this year or at least screen printing or letterpress. COMPLETED. I designed and used several postcards and a Thank You card using my Print Gocco.
  9. I want to make more postcards this year. These could be doodle cards like the envelopes or printed postcards. I have always loved sending a quick postcard to people. COMPLETED with success.
  10. I want to write more letters/postcards. I want to be primarily responsible for the recover of the USPS financial woes by sending out more mail. COMPLETED with success.
Not only did I complete the Iron Craft Challenges, I complete 26 other weekly projects (check them out here) in order to complete one project every week. So, all in all-- I great year.

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kat said...

Wow, you really did have such a productive year!