Friday, January 30, 2015

Monthly Projects--Update2

The second project that I will be doing a monthly basis is the Lampshade Project. Because of the success that I had with the shoji screen lampshade from my first Iron Craft 2015 challenge, I want to design and make a new lampshade each month.

I want to experiment with forms and papers. I will also experiment with the bases but most of the shades will be based on the pre-existing base that was designed for the first challenge.

For example, how tall can the shade be and still provide adequate lighting? What colors of paper work best? What happens when you layer papers on top of each other before wrapping around the wooden uprights? What happens when you increase the height of the spanners and how much light will still be emitted?

There are many questions to explore and hopefully some beautiful lampshades will be made.

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