Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #1--Lamp and Lamp Shade

Welcome to Iron Craft 2015. The theme for this challenge is fourth year anniversary gifts. The traditional gifts are fruit and flowers. The non-traditional gifts are appliances. Of course, me being a clueless male, I chose appliances.

This is a project that has been in development in my mind for years. I never had the appropriate pieces available or just never knew where to find them. As I was walking the Union Square area of Manhattan, I ran across a lighting store that had the ceramic bulb holders that were separate from bases.

I found the wood bases and balsa wood at Michaels. The Japanese paper I brought back from a trip to Japan. I am so happy with the way that this turned out that I will be making one per month. The photo really doesn't indicate the luminous quality of the paper. 

I will share the tutorial on how you can make your own lamp and lamp shade later this week.
Mounted lamp base on
pine base

I was so paranoid that this wouldn't qualify as an appliance that I resorted to going to the internet to get affirmation. Hopefully, you will agree that it is applicable to the challenge.

Shoji Screen Lamp Shade

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kat said...

As host, I'm giving you a yes on this one. This is drop dead gorgeous. I can see why you want to make one a month!