Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing with Paint

These are the final pages of the Art Journal that I have been working on. The left page features a white Gesso foundation. It was then glazed with yellow liquid acrylic. A coat of orange liquid acrylic was added while the yellow was still wet. Dimension was added by placing a layer of paper towels on the top wet coat and then misting water over the paper towels. The paper towels were pressed into the surface and then lifted off. A final layer of alcohol inks finished the page.

The page on the right was base coated in white Gesso. Once dry, the page was misted with water. Watercolor concentrate was drizzled in five different colors onto the page. The page was misted again and then a paper towel was used to move the color on the page. While semi-dry, alcohol inks were used to provide dimension.

On Monday, I will show the manufacturing of the book.

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