Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing with Paint

Today's pages reuse one technique and tries a different technique. The page on the left uses the wax crayons (the ones that I thought were watercolor crayons) but on top of the white Gesso base. I thought maybe I was just using the crayons incorrectly. This time, I thought that I would try to color with the crayons on dry Gesso (white), apply the color, and then apply another layer of Gesso on top to activate the color of the crayons. Nope--didn't work. I have now come to realize that the people at the store sold me the wrong type of crayon. These are basically very expensive Crayola crayons. Since I have already used them, I can't return them. To finish the page, I wiped off the wet Gesso with a paper towel soaked in water. I then added dimension with my homemade alcohol inks. The overall effect is almost like a chalk painting.
Since I liked the final look of the page on the left, I decided to play with my pastel sticks. I base coated the page with white Gesso. Once dry, I scribbled the page with different colored pastel sticks. I then blended the colors with a cotton ball. I then whitewashed the pastels with watered down white Gesso and wiped it off with a paper towel. For dimension, I used some of the alcohol inks that I used on the page on the left.

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