Monday, September 14, 2009

The Making of the Art Journal

Here is where we begin. I have sewn all the signatures into an concertina spine. Each signature is made up of two pieces of watercolor paper. Once the paper was painted it was cut in half along the short dimension. The paper was grain long. So, five sheets of watercolor water made a forty page (leaves) journal.

After sewing the signatures into the spine, I covered the spine with mull and pressed. As you can see, the signatures were sewn on tapes.

Here are the endsheets. They were sewn into their own valley in the concertina spine.

Here is the inside of the case that will be used for the book.

Here is the outside of the case. The covering material is a bookcloth made from recycled plastic bags. I thought it was a cool material to use. It takes a little muscle to turn in but it is a very forgiving material. I wanted something that wouldn't show all of the handling marks of an art journal. The wrinkles on the cloth is part of the material and not a sloppy gluing job on my part.

The gluing in of the text block. I always get nervous at this point. I actually have to remind myself to breathe.

(l) the front of the book
(r) the back of the book

(l) the yellow pages
(r) the purple pages

(l) the orange pages
(r) the green pages

(l) the blue pages
(r) the concertina spine between signatures

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