Monday, September 28, 2009

Art Journal 4

For this page, I wanted to create my own alphabet that did not include curves. For the background, I turned the page sideways so that the lettering would run perpendicular to the image that I was about to include.

On a piece of cardstock, I covered the page with the same alphabet style. I then cut out the silhouette from this marked cardstock. In retrospect, I should have written in a smaller size on the cardstock so that it would appear more often when the image was cut out. The silhouette was used on a previous project in a smaller size. When I was thinking about the project, I was watching video of my friend's children playing.

The text translates to:

I don't ever remember being a child. I don't remember ever flying a kite or rolling in the grass. I never learned how to skip until I was in a dance class in my 30s. I think that I was 40 ever since I was 13.

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