Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Sweating . . .

And it isn't from the weather. We have another gorgeous day here in Manhattan. I have been sweating all day because I have a Bookbinding Class tonight. Normally, I love my bookbinding classes but today has been a day that I have been dreading for three days now.

Tonight we are learning how to sew our own headbands for our handmade books. You know how kids call in sick to school when they are learning fractions? This is the same thing. I am not a big headband person when it comes to books. When I have had to use them, I usually have used the store bought ones. Unfortunately, in this class based on traditional bookbinding techniques, we are required to make our own. No excuses. No running away.

I have tried to learn to make them on my own but it was similar to teaching myself how to knit. The words just didn't translate to my hands.

Well, we will see what happens. Keep my in your prayers.


fingerstothebone said...

So how did it go?

Dr. Russ said...

They went alright. I will have pictures when I get my books back from class. They are pressing right now.

I like the idea of sewing headbands but I also like the idea of having ribbon bookmarks in my books.

I am agonizing over the decision of which to use. I did sew one headband over a ribbon bookmark and will see how it turns out. My teacher thinks that I am crazy to use both--it just isn't traditional, don't you know.

I will practice some more on text blocks that I have at home and decide later.