Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally Done

I have returned from my trip to England and in my exhaustion and jet lag, I decided to try and finish the Coptic stitch artist's journal that I have agonized over for the last two weeks. As you might remember, I started it last weekend and I just wasn't happy with the way that it was turning out. On the first attempt, the holes that I made just weren't lining up. Since the spine is exposed, that is a bad thing. On the second attempt. I couldn't get the tension even so the chain stitches weren't even and it looked awful.

So last night, in an attempt to get the bloody thing done, I tried again. This time it worked out fine. So, the lesson of the day--just do it and don't overthink.

I have taken two of the Bingo cards that I have mentioned before and used those for the covers. For the text block, I used watercolor paper since the artist asked for durable paper. Because of the thickness of the paper, each signature is made up of two folios. Since this artist does landscapes, the size of the paper will work to her advantage.

On the front of the cover, I will be placing Bingo markers to act as feet so the cover will rest on the markers rather than the cover's surface when fully opened (since one of the characteristics of the Coptic stitch is that it allows the book to open fully).

Since the artist reads this blog, I will provide pictures of the finished project as soon as the artist receives her book.

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