Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Kinds of Books

I have been taking so many classes recently that I don't know what to do with all of the models/structures that I bring home. Before I start using them or packing them up, I decided to photograph them and share them with my dearest blog readers.
In my Bookbinding I Class, we were required to produce five different structures. The first structure was an accordion book with a hard cover. Unfortunately for you dear reader, I donated my text block to another student because she ruined her book during class. I gave her my text block so that she could use it and then take it home.
I will make another one and will post it online.

The second book that we made is one of my favorite book structures--the pamphlet stitch book. We used hand torn pages and were required to use a soft cover with a paper wrapper. Here was my final product.

This is the pamphlet stitch. I used a red waxed linen thread.
Here is the paper wrapper.
I am thinking about designing a series of five of these booklets with coordinating paper wrappers and then encasing them in a handmade storage box.

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