Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Book

Here is another one of the books that I am developing. I call it my Three Quarter Binding Book. The title is a play off the traditional three quarter binding. My Three Quarter binding refers to the fact that the cover paper covers the entire back board (1/2) an 1/4 of the front board. The cover paper is the Prestige line of papers that are currently at Kate's Paperie. It is a velvet (flocked velour) paper that is paper backed. I believe it to be strong enough to act like a hinge. It is similar to the Laval Bookcloth found at Talas.

The decorative paper is an embroidered paper found at Kates Paperie. It comes in several colors. I will be developing a Magenta version of this book as well.

I chose this particular model becuase I am constantly bothered by not knowing which is the front of a journal. Of course, when the book has a title, you don't run into those problems. My solution is to somehow designate the front cover. In this case, the front cover is the side with the decorative paper.

I also like the tactile difference between the decorative paper and the covering paper. The Prestige paper and the Laval bookcloth have a nice feel to them.

In future models, I will line the front board with a white paper because you can see the board through the decorative paper. All in all, I am very pleased with this book.

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