Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Creative with Modeling Paste

I am hosting another swap on Swap-bot. This swap is for handmade postcards based on the seasons--in particular, Spring. I had some leftover watercolor backgrounds from a previous swap. One of my swap partners liked Blues and Greens and the other liked jewel tones.

I wanted to try a new technique for this particular card. I had tinted embossing paste already but I had already succeeded in substituting modeling paste for embossing paste. I wanted to see if I could tint the modeling paste to colors of my own choosing. Also, I wanted to see if the modeling paste would stick to a glossy surface (the postcard is already coated with ModgePodge to preserve the watercolor background).

I tinted a small amount of modeling paste with my Dr. Martin's watercolors and it worked out great. I then used a Dreamweaver stencil and stenciled the Cyprus Tree (LG650) to the front of the card. The card dried without warping the card (one of my concerns) and hasn't flaked off. I have asked my swap partners to let me know the condition of the card when it arrives. I don't know if the modeling paste will withstand the elements and postal handling without chipping off.

I do like the way that the card turned out. I am going to try it again on regular cardstock for a card to see if it will warp or dry flat. For cards, I might have to stencil the image and then mount it on a card base. I will let you know that the second part of the experiment works out.

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Anonymous said...

I got the blue/green one, and for the public record: the stencil did not flake off! There are two very tiny voids but you can only see that if you peer closely in order to send a report to the maker. :^) The overall effect is very cool!