Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg Decorating Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners in the First Annual Russell Romano Egg Decorating Contest. Thank you to everyone who entered and I look forward to you participating next year.

Best Use of Color

Winner: Sewn Eggs by Michael Tims

Second Place: Easter Dots by Mary Beth DeMartino and Jill

Third: Fish Egg by Cindy (under 12)

Best Technique
Winner: The Scream by Holden DeMartino (under 12)--Wax Resist

Second Place--Tie: Toni Green--Polka Dot Egg (2 color dye)

Second Place--Tie: Marbled Eggs by Bernie

Best Painted Egg
Winner: Shu-Ju Wang

Best Use of Natural Dyes
Winner: Marbled Eggs by Jaime

Second Place: Marbled Eggs by Jaime

Best Use of Office Supplies

Winner: Sam DeMartino--The Muppets

Second Place: Masking Tape Egg by Steven (Left above)

Third Place: Rubber Cement Eggs by Stevie

Best Egg Heads

Winner: Humpty Dumpty by TyDemartino

Crew Cut by Stewie

Blondie by Micheal Tims

Best Fine Art (other than painting)

Winner and First Place: Tiger's Egg and Paisley Egg by Bob C.

Third Place: Decopage Egg by Bob C. (above right)

Best Religious Decoration

Winner: Shu-Ju Wang

Best Decoration under 12

Winner: Eat Me by Holden DeMartino

Second Place: Bunny Family by Samantha

Third Place: Duck Egg by Samantha

Martha Stewart Award for Best Overall Design

Notes from Judges:
There were many beautiful examples of egg decorating and many of the winners were in contention for the Overall Prize. For us, the winner didn't have to represent the most beautiful egg--instead, the overall effect of the egg was more important than sheer beauty or technique.
The double meaning of the egg had us rolling on the floor in laughter. The nice orange color and the use of wax resist were nice. More importantly, the fact that it was done by someone in the Junior category--who probably didn't even realize the double meaning of the egg--tipped the scales in his direction.
Congratulations Holden.

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fingerstothebone said...

Those are some very fine eggs. Congratulations on all the fabulous entries. I was reminded of the Chinese tea eggs (by the natural dye category) -- you hard boil eggs, then crack the shells (but do not remove them) and then cook them again in a liquid of strong tea and soy sauce. To serve, you peel the shells and serve the egg whole.

I always thought they looked like those beautiful crackled glazes of the old porcelains. Once I served them to a friend and she thought they were eyeballs!